Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stock Broker job requirement

Stock broker job requirement is unique and depends on intrinsic values of humans. This is one job where people could be appointed based upon his integrity and honesty. Though this is not mentioned in job descriptions it is treated as an essential attribute of a stock broker. Other attributes that make a successful stock broker are diligence and enthusiasm.
Candidates wanting to start a career in stock broking should have these qualities. There are no restrictions on academic qualification as a yardstick for broker job requirement. This trade is learnt thorough experience and honest practices. Thorough understanding of stock market behavior is another of the pre-requisites of a stock broker. Stock broking is one job that is based on understanding of share movements in short as well as long term.
Close watch on trade proceedings during normal hours as well as in the after hours is among the primary education requirements of a share broker. With online share trading a regular practice, securities are bought and sold even from homes and work place. Online trading has made the job of trade watching easier but more demanding. It is easier in the sense that market movements could be watched on your computer screen at your convenience. It is demanding because as a stock broker you need to be aware of even the slightest movements in share prices at any point of time.