Monday, May 2, 2011

Dental Assistant job requirement

Dental assistants are required to perform both laboratory and office duties in patient care. Assistant job requirement does not allow these candidates to perform the tasks of a dental hygienist or a dentist. Assistants work with professional dentists or take up employment in State or Federal hospitals or dental care homes.
Candidates willing to take up responsibility as a dental assistant need to go through a training course from a technical institute, junior college, trade schools, or the Armed Forces. High school students aspiring careers in dental assistance should opt for health, biology, and chemistry. A proper understanding of these subjects helps in proper understanding of dental job & Education requirements.
In certain States in US dental assistants must be registered or licensed. Their job requirements demand that they are dexterous and have thorough understanding of radiological processes. For getting a universal recognition across United States an examination in Radiation Health and Safety taken by Dental Assisting National Board is imperative. In few states however, dental job requirement demands passing a state approved radiology course.
From behavioural side a dental assistant needs to be patient and co-operative. Sensitive approach towards patients helps in becoming a successful assistant. Opportunities exist for dental assistants to become dental hygienists.

Cashier job requirements

Cashiers are integral part of a company’s organization irrespective of its size. A company of respectable size be it a proprietorship, partnership, joint stock, or utility service needs cashiers for regular maintenance and disbursement of cash. Job requirements of a cashier are well defined and involve multiple tasks.
Cash handling is naturally the most important responsibility of a cashier. The scale varies form one company to another and the segment. For instance, cashier in a retail store needs to handle cash regularly, while in a manufacturing unit it might be restricted to few days in a month. The exact cashier job requirements also vary between these two examples. In a retail store the receipts are continuous while payments are time bound. With multiple buyers moving in and out a cashier needs to be very watchful about his cash.
Compared to a retail outlet a cashier’s job requirement in a manufacturing set up is different. Though cash handling remains the fundamental task, proper documentation is crucial in a manufacturing unit. All transactions are supported by documents or vouchers. Vendors are paid in cash when amount are small, and there are predefined days of making such payments. Further with movement of outsiders limited to known faces a cashier’s job in an industrial unit is less risky as compared to a retail outlet.

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