Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Job requirements for police officer

Police officers are the people who work for the safety and security of the people of his city. The person who wants to join police needs to have various qualities which fulfill the job requirements of this post. The person can only apply for the post of police officer if their age is at least 21 years. The person should have a driver license and do not have any history of criminal record. Last but not the least the person should be the permanent resident of the country in which he is applying for this job.
Other than this an aspiring police officer should fulfill some educational requirement like he needs special training for the knowledge of self defense technique, how to handle fire arms, how will he respond to the emergency cases. He should also have good knowledge of criminal psychology and must know the civil and constitutional right of the country. He should have a diploma of at least high school or equivalent. He also has to take training in the academy which offers the training of police officer. The work of a police officer is very risky and full of danger so the person needs to be brave enough for tough situations.

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